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Post Abortion Care

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Post Abortion Care

NAPPA attends to the needs of women who have had a miscarriage or an unsafe abortion.
A miscarriage is the sudden, unintended loss of a foetus (unborn baby) during the first four months of pregnancy. An abortion is the intentional termination (ending) of a pregnancy. Both of these events can be very dangerous as parts of the foetus or placenta may remain inside the woman’s uterus, which can cause a serious infection or even death. It is therefore extremely important that a woman who has experienced a miscarriage seeks medical help as soon as possible so that anything remaining in her uterus can be cleaned out. NAPPA’s qualified Service Providers will ensure the woman recovers safely from a miscarriage, and follow up counselling and care is provided.
Legal (safe) abortions in Namibia are legally available only if the foetus has serious physical problems, for women whose physical or mental health is in danger, or for women who are pregnant as a result of rape or incest.
It is important for women to have support and care after this type of experience.  NAPPA Service Providers and Social Workers can provide support to women and their families to cope through such an emotional time.

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