Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pregnancy Tests and Counselling

Pregnancy Tests for those who want to know if they are Pregnant

Pregnancy Tests and Counselling

Pregnancy tests are available for those who want to know if they are pregnant. Tests should be taken around two weeks after a missed period.  The test will be done by a qualified nurse (Service Provider). 
When you have a pregnancy test you will be expected to provide a small sample of your own urine there and then for testing.  You will also be given counselling by the Service Provider to make sure you understand the test results.
If the test is positive the Service Provider will discuss your options with you and will often refer you for your first ante-natal care (ANC) appointment, as well as for HIV testing so that you can know your HIV status.
If the pregnancy test is negative the Service Provider will talk to you about safer sex practices so that you can avoid further risks and unintended pregnancy. 
Remember if you have had unprotected sexual intercourse you may have put yourself at risk of HIV and other STIs.  Please discuss this with your Service Provider.


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